Which Greenhouse Wall Type Should I Use?

Greenhouses are ideal if you do a large amount of gardening across the seasons and if you want somewhere to carry out your potting or to bring seeds and plants on in the colder months. Choosing a style of greenhouse is not that simple, however, with a range of different designs available depending on your requirements and the space available.

One of the decisions that you will need to make is the type of greenhouse wall that you have erected – either glass to ground, a dwarf wall or single brick. These each have their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is important to decide which is the most usable for you.

Glass To Ground Greenhouses

This is the most popular style of greenhouse and typically the least expensive option; therefore, this type is ideal for first timers who want a universal use structure.

A glass to ground greenhouse is best used if you want to be able to raise seedlings and carry out plant propagation, as these require as much light as possible. With a glass to ground design, you will be able to plant on a bench and in the ground.

One of the problems with glass to ground models is that they are not as strong as those with some type of brick wall. This could limit the use you get and reduce the value for money, although these are fairly inexpensive to erect.

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Another style of greenhouse is one with a dwarf wall that has glass panels sitting on top. This design is beneficial if you want a greenhouse for display purposes or to look after tender plants over the winter months.

One of the advantages of this type is that you will gain better insulation than with a glass to ground model and you will have space below the bench to store pots and equipment out of sight. During the summer, the bricks will warm up in the daytime and then retain some of this heat to gently radiate it during the night.

Brick built structures also have additional strength when compared with those made of glass, giving your greenhouse extra durability and ensuring you can make use of it for many years to come; however, opting for a dwarf wall will limit some of the other design elements, such as not being able to fit a sliding door.

Single Brick Greenhouses

You do not have to go for a complete dwarf wall if you want to benefit from the advantages of brick, with even a single brick base providing better heat retention than achieved with a glass to ground greenhouse. This will help to keep the space warmer; however, it will not have the same aesthetic properties as a dwarf wall version, such as there will be no barrier to keep your clutter out of view.