The age-old argument of whether an aluminium or timber type of structure is better, really comes down to personal preference. Here’s a list of considerations to help you decide.

Cedar is the traditional material used in Britain for a Greenhouse rather than metal or plastic.

Cedar frames tend to blend with the natural surroundings of your garden especially as they age.

Structural Integrity
A Greenhouse frame made from Cedar is usually much thicker and heavier than a metal one. The structure has been joined in a traditional way and is therefore naturally strong and able to withstand much harsher weather conditions.

Thermal Insulation
Cedar Greenhouse frames provide great natural insulation. This keeps the Greenhouse warmer during the Winter and cooler during the Summer, making it easier to create a more stable growing environment for your plants.

Although no yearly preservative, painting or staining is required to protect from rot. Debris buildup needs to be removed to allow the timber to dry out.

Personal Touch
Cedar Greenhouse frames can be easily modified to suit your needs.

Made To Order
It takes time and care to craft a Cedar Greenhouse exactly as you want it. Whereas aluminum Greenhouses are mass manufactured and ready to be delivered off the shelf.

Cedar Greenhouses are generally more expensive than aluminium Greenhouses, due to the use of premium materials and the skilled craftsmen needed to construct them.