Adding a greenhouse can define the entire look and purpose of your garden, and choosing your structure can understandably be a big decision! Here are a few things you might feel useful to consider when choosing your perfect fit.

Size Matters

You're more than likely going to want to get good use from your garden as well as your greenhouse, so it's important to take the size of your garden into consideration.

If you have a particularly small or narrow space then the likes of a Lean To may be of particular use. They can be extended to any length and start from 4 foot in width. On the other hand, if you are blessed with lots of land, then a smaller greenhouse may look a bit lost and out of place. You want your structure to make a statement without dominating your space.


Substance and Style

We offer three different ranges to suit whatever look you're going for with your landscape; from our sleek Classics, and Traditional RHS ranges as well as the contemporary statement our combination structures have to offer we're confident you'll find your desired style with us. And all coupled with the innovative smart ventilation and expert craftsmanship to boot!

Business or Pleasure

It's important to consider what your main purpose for having a greenhouse is... All of our structures are built for growing but if it's the leisurely life for you then a Glasshouse is a great addition for whiling away those Sunday afternoons with a good book and a tall glass.


Many of our clients prefer the "all-in-one" approach our potting sheds have to offer; our half shed-half greenhouse combinations come in either our Classic or RHS range and provide you with ample room for both growing and storage of your gardening tools and essentials (like a deck chair and side table!)

Growing Goals

If you've been in the growing game for a while, you've likely developed a preference for what sort of crops you lean towards. Our structures are designed to accommodate pretty much any environment with the options of adding extra ventilation or heating depending on your planting needs.

If it's fruits and tail plants that catch your fancy then a Planthouse may be the better fit as they allow extra height for your plants to flourish.

If you're relatively new to the greenhouse market, then a coldframe is a perfect "starter" structure. It's made with all the finest materials and craftsmanship Gabriel Ash are known for.