Top 5 Wooden Greenhouses

Doing up the garden is a spring and summer challenge that is enjoyed by many, and if you are horticulturally inclined, you are likely to love the idea of growing your own plants and flowers. For this, you will need a fantastic new wooden greenhouse. Aesthetically pleasing, they brighten up the garden as well as having fantastic functionality. We are going to list for you five of the best wooden greenhouses you should consider for your garden.

1) The Ten

A classic freestanding greenhouse, the Ten is a product that is spacious and looks wonderfully elegant for the garden. It is ten feet by twelve and has been made using red cedar, the finest western wood available. If you want to place plant pots inside the house, you will be able to have the option of placing greenhouse staging along either side of the interior. A beautiful addition to your garden, it exudes luxury and beauty.

2) Planthouse Eight

If you are looking for a greenhouse with fantastic insulation, then you’ll love the brick base of Planthouse Eight. The brick ensures that the air temperature inside the greenhouse is even. Before you get the greenhouse brought to your home, you need to ensure that you prepare the area for the greenhouse to sit on. With beautiful red cedar easily retaining heat, the glass house is usually warmer by two degrees through the year. Being around seven feet high, Planthouse Eight has a true presence in the garden, so if you want to plant tall sunflowers, you are well on your way. It’s eight feet wide, so you can really utilise the space inside the greenhouse for beautiful planting.

3) The RHS Planthouse

The RHS Planthouse

The impressive height of this greenhouse means that you can plant more exotic plants, including fruit trees. This particular greenhouse has the doors at the long side, as there are extra eaves that stand over two metres high. Cedar panels are present as standard greenhouses, and the floor space inside means that you can add plant pots and even more lush greenery around the inside of the greenhouse. If you like tall plants and climbing flowers, this will be right for you.

4) Classic Grow and Store

Classic Grow and Store

If your garden is on the small side, it can be difficult to build in a shed and a separate greenhouse. With the Grow and Store, you can combine the two and have best of both worlds. The greenhouse and the shed are side by side, with a door on the inside separating both. This can be used to keep the heat in when closed or opened to allow the heat to escape. This particular greenhouse is attractive, and the space available is variable, as the Grow and Store comes with different widths and lengths. This makes it a flexible choice for your garden, as you get to choose the size that will fit your space.

5) The Small Glasshouse

The Small Glasshouse

This glasshouse reflects a more peaceful sleepy era, with its Edwardian construction methods being obvious and prominent. The floor space for the Small Glasshouse covers around nine square feet in the garden, so a decent garden size would be required. You can choose between single or double greenhouse doors, allowing you some flexibility in the design for what works for you. The insulation for this glasshouse is provided by the tongue and groove boarding that is cedar-clad and sits at the base. You can choose to put the greenhouse on a low wall, but the insulation the tongue and groove provides is fantastic. With its generous height, tall plants can be grown here, or you can use it simply as an outdoor sitting area with rain coverage. The choice is yours.