Classic 'Grow & Store'


The Gabriel Ash 'Grow and Store' is one of our most innovative and popular products available. Ideal for those with limited space, the structure comprises a half shed- half greenhouse, designed to allow the owner a generous growing space, whilst providing an on hand storage capacity.

As with our other greenhouses, the 'Grow and Store' boast a fully automatic ridge ventilation system, as well as an internal door separating the greenhouse and shed, allowing you to better control the temperature within the greenhouse.

The Gabriel Ash 'Grow and Store' is approximately 9ft 4in in width, however we do also have the 'Grand Grow and Store' measuring 13ft 6in in width. As with all of our structures, both can be extended to whatever length you require for your growing space. Panels can be extended from a minimum of 3 panels (1884mm) to a maximum of 10+ panels.

For more information please email us at or call 01242 662926.

**Prices seen here are applicable to UK residents only.

We have many Gabriel Ash distributors who are based outside of the UK and will be more than happy to assist you with your Gabriel Ash enquiry. Please refer to the Gabriel Ash international distributors for more information.

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