The Advantages Of A Grow & Store Greenhouse

Grow and store potting sheds or greenhouses are every gardener’s must-have garden building. They provide a dry, warm environment that is secure from damp, rain and the cold, encouraging plant and seedling growth. Traditional styles with angled glazed frontages are especially good at providing plenty of light and the heat that many plants depend upon.

For many, a timber potting shed can be an attractive and desirable gardening structure that is tough and resilient. If you are thinking about a potting shed or a greenhouse, why not combine the two and invest in a Grow and Store Greenhouse? This versatile garden structure provides two buildings within one structure, giving all the advantages of both a greenhouse and a storing shed under one roof.

The Advantages Of A Grow & Store Greenhouse

Gardeners have been enjoying the various designs of greenhouses for decades. Traditional timber structures can be attractive, and they can blend into your garden design beautifully. Glazed frontages allow for light and warmth to penetrate the greenhouse, keeping your plants warm and encouraging growth.

In a grow and store greenhouse, you have all the benefits of a greenhouse along with a shed. An integral door allows you to keep heat in when it’s closed or allows the heat to escape when it’s opened. Perfect for those people who don’t have enough room in their garden for a separate greenhouse and a garden shed, the grow and store greenhouse is multi-purpose and makes effective use of space.

These innovative structures are attractive and not only appeal to those with limited space but to those who enjoy having the flexibility that having both brings. With the shed and greenhouse side by side in one structure, you save space in the rest of your garden, leaving it to be filled with plants or whatever you choose.

The Advantages Of A Grow & Store Greenhouse

You have the flexibility to adapt your shed into a potting shed for plants, keeping them out of the cold during winter months, or you can use it solely as a storage shed for your lawnmower, gardening tools and other garden equipment. It can even be used for bikes and garden furniture if that’s what you prefer. The options are endless.

By combining both a greenhouse and a storage area, you are able to grow rich organic food and easily store it in a secure structure. All your gardening tools are at hand while you are working in your greenhouse, and the overall space it takes up in your garden is minimized.

This is an ideal solution for an allotment, as you have everything you need in the storage part of your shed, and seedlings and plants can grow in the greenhouse section. They offer great value for money, and these buildings can be attractive as well as practical.