Your loft could be your room with a view

Loft conversions are becoming more and more popular, not to mention more inventive.

London-based Loftspace Specialists say that orders have doubled year-on-year since 2002, while Econoloft says demand is growing at an annual five to ten per cent.

One prime example of an innovative way to convert a loft is that of architectural firm Newman Ziegler director Mark Newmans home in North West London.

Mr Newman and his make-up artist girlfriend Natasha Bulstrode live in an end terrace flat in Kensal Rise and converted the loft and the side of the building into a trendy new design.

It features a roof terrace and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the train station and down the tree-lined main street towards the city.

"It was quite an effort to get planning permission," Mr Newman said.

"They wanted something a bit more traditional at the front, but we managed to persuade them otherwise."

The glass design covers the entire triangular shape of the loft wall at the side of the house and the couple have converted the room into an extra bedroom featuring a freestanding resin bath at one side of the room and the glass floor to ceiling view at the other.

At around £100 per square foot, performing a loft conversion is often much more economical than building an extension or moving home to gain an extra room.