Winter holding back garden and greenhouse fans

One of the longest and hardest winter seasons in recent history has meant that garden and greenhouse owners are being forced to wait to start their growing year.

According to BBC Berkshire garden expert Colin Evans, the sub-zero temperatures that have hit the UK over the past few months have lasted longer than normal.

He added that the effect can be seen in the UKs plant life, with many varieties yet to flower that would normally be in full bloom.

Mr Evans gave some advice to Brits hoping to grow their own potatoes this year by suggesting that they invest in seeds now and start them off in trays in the greenhouse.

By the time late March comes around, the seeds should be showing signs of shooting and will be ready to be transplanted into the earth.

The expert added that now is also a good time to invest in some colourful Polyanthus and Violas, which should be flowering around now.

He said these are excellent choices for adding some life to the garden as spring begins.

In other news, Royal Horticultural Society expert Alison Findlay recently bestowed her knowledge on pupils at Castle Hill Middle School, according to the Haverhill Weekly News.