What to do in the greenhouse this spring

Now is the time of year for Brits to pay added attention to the plants in their greenhouses, it has been suggested.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the warmer weather means crops growing under glass can dry out quickly and it is therefore important to keep a keen eye on them.

It said that hydration levels should be checked at least every two or three days and relevant action taken to keep their thirst quenched.

It is also a good time to clean up the greenhouse, which should protect plants from disease.

Gardeners should sweep up any fallen compost and debris after running a soft cloth over plants with shiny leaves and a soft brush over spiky varieties.

Any dead leaves should also be removed from plants, which should help promote growth and protect against illness.

Indoor crops should be given a liquid feed as soon as they begin to show signs of growth, the organisation added.

Meanwhile, swelluk.com has pointed out that garden ponds can be used to help in the creation of home-made compost.