Watch out for rainfall, gardeners warned

Gardeners have been advised to keep an eye on their plants during periods of heavy rain.

According to, periods of particularly wet weather can cause problems for many varieties.

It said cool weather and over hydration can cause fungi to form that can be harmful to plants.

The website also warned consistent downpours can effectively drown plants and suggested horticulture lovers watch out for yellowing leaves – a sign of over-watering.

Bergam Nurseries Sam Walker told the website soil compaction can be a problem in heavy rain.

"If you have an area where soil is pretty bad I would recommend compost or peat moss, anything to improve that drainage," she said.

Another tip Ms Walker offered is to selectively prune leaves to allow air to pass through the foliage.

Gardeners looking to take special care of prized plants may also wish to make use of a greenhouse during harsher weather.