Watch out for late frosts, gardeners warned

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been warned that there may be some late frosts this month that could take them and their plants by surprise.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this years strange weather patterns could continue throughout May.

It explained that frosts have occurred as late as June before, but the last report of these was around 15 years ago.

While frosts can damage tender spring plants and often do their worst damage at night, gardeners can take certain measures to protect their green space.

The RHS advises tucking them in at night by utilising horticultural fleece, which should be doubled up when covering tender vegetables like peppers or tomatoes.

This is not only a good idea in the garden – it should also be done in unheated greenhouses as frosts can often creep their way inside.

Key signs that plants have become a victim of frost include blackened leaves, wilted shoot tips and translucent patches on the youngest foliage.

In other news, the RHS has created a new director of horticulture role, which will take on the responsibility for policy and management of horticultural standards, among other tasks.