Warm up before gardening

While for most people gardening is a relaxing, rewarding and fun activity, older horticultural enthusiasts have been advised to stretch their muscles before undertaking activity in their green spaces.

The Ontario Chiropractic Association states that gardening is a wonderful pastime that some people look forward to as the weather warms up and that it is eager to ensure that people avoid aches and pains that can sometimes be associated with it.

As such, more mature horticulturalists are advised to stretch before gardening to reduce strain on joints, to lift with straight backs and bent knees when moving objects and to take a brief rest at least three times per hour.

Fluids should also be drunk on a regular basis to prevent dehydration.

Meanwhile, Jim Miller from older peoples information service Savvy Senior recently wrote in online resource BradentonHerald.com that people should not spend too long carrying out a repetitive activity in the garden to prevent joints from seizing up.