Use trimmings to prepare soil for 2010

A Michigan website has advised garden and greenhouse fans that their actions now could dictate how successful their growing activities are in 2010.

According to, this year has been a tough one for vegetable growers, as the "extremely cool wet year made it a rough go this summer".

Gardeners should prepare the ground for next years crops by ripping out all the old vine and depositing it on the compost heap.

The online resource also advises that growers collect the trimmings from the lawn mower and use them as an organic leaf mulch to put nutrients back into the soil.

It also revealed that Michigan State University is to hold a Vegetable 101 class on November 21st, where attendees can learn how to grow food in their gardens and greenhouses.

Meanwhile, has produced a number of tips for saving money with growing your own food included.

It said there are "huge cost savings" to be had and recommended books such as Square Foot Gardening.