US college gets glass cube building

A new glass cube building has been built into the east side of a college building in the world-renowned university of Princeton in the United States..

The glass cube structure has chameleon-like qualities, according to the institutions website, as it blends into the silhouettes of nearby trees and its edges become indistinguishable from the sky behind. As a result the structure is both a statement or modernity and an appropriate environmentally-conscious addition to the college campus.

Fred Fisher, principal of Los Angeles-based firm Frederick Fisher and Partners, which designed the structure, said: "Glass reflects the environment and opens a building to the world. It connects what goes on inside the building to the campus and community outside."

The building was built to accommodate study within and head-turning presence without, whilst not interfering with other campus structures or natural features. It will become more environmentally friendly in the coming weeks through the installation of various energy-efficiency features.

Princeton is famous as both an outstanding research facility and a place for undergraduate teaching courses.