Unseasonal bloom could prevent spring colour

According to Gardeners’ World’s Kate Bradbury, writing in her blog, the confusing weather could have a detrimental effect on flowers that would normally come into bloom at the beginning of spring next year.

In September the Royal Horticultural Society suggested that unseasonably warm weather has caused plants to flower later than usual and Ms Bradbury fears this could be the case next year, with a suspicious lack of colour in the spring.

Talking of her spring-flowering cherry blossom Ms Bradbury added: “It’s nice to look at, but I do wonder how it will get on in spring, as it doesn’t appear to have any flower or leaf buds left.”

The unseasonal late bloom could help keep people interested in gardening over the winter though, as former presenter of Gardeners’ World Nigel Colborn suggested the more alluring people make their patches the more likely they will want to be in it