The Thought Process in Buying a Garden Building

Our valued customers Barbara and Clive take us for a look around their beautiful garden in West Yorkshire.  They also discuss their reasons, and the thought processes involved in buying the Gabriel Ash Grow and Store as their garden building of choice.

We met at the Show

We first met Clive and Barbara on our trade stand at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show approximately seven years ago.  They saw our Grow and Store and liked the style, size and quality of the structure.  It was the perfect size for their small beautifully designed plot.

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

Plans and Dreams

They had an old existing shed but the limited space in their garden did not allow Barbara to fulfil her dream of having her own greenhouse.  Barbara wanted to be able to grow tomatoes and other tender plants but lacked the room in her garden to allow for a stand alone greenhouse.

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

This first meeting at the show set the seed and dream to one day own one of our beautiful cedar greenhouses. However, soon after visiting the show Clive got the opportunity to work abroad in China, in his chosen field of Landscape Architect.  This saw the project and the buying decision placed on hold for the next five years.

The Surprise Present

On Clive’s return home approximately 18 months ago at the end of his work contract he planned a special surprise for Barbara.  A combined ‘return home’ and ‘birthday present’ in the form of a Gabriel Ash Grow and Store.  This allowed Clive to have space for all of his tools and Barbara got her dream of owning a greenhouse.  The Grow and store replaced the old shed and fitted into their garden design perfectly.

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

Self Assembly Challenge

Clive is a self confessed DIY expert so he relished the challenge of assembling the building himself with Barbara helping him every step of the way. He even produced his own time lapse footage of the construction process that he kindly let us use in our video.

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

Marital Harmony

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

The couple are delighted with the finished product stating the Grow and Store as the ideal product to ensure marital harmony.  Clive has got his space to store his tools and hide away his bits and pieces.  Barbara has got her long dreamed for greenhouse enabling her to grow a wider range of plants.

The Thought Process In Buying A Garden Building

The video below is their story we hope you enjoy it.