Storm warning for gardeners

With adverse weather conditions forecast for this weekend, Halifax Home Insurance has advised that UK homeowners take preventative steps to secure their gardens.

Strong winds and torrential rainstorms could wreak havoc with garden plants, furniture and greenhouses if measures arent taken to secure things.

Halifax advises that any loose objects such as barbecues, garden furniture and bicycles are tied down, while drains and gutters should be cleared out to help excess water escape.

"Increasing incidents of extreme weather conditions, such as wind and flood, make it more vital than ever for homeowners to take regular preventative steps to protect their property before disaster strikes," advises senior claims manager Martyn Foulds.

"With the cost of storm damage claims often running into thousands, it certainly makes sense for homeowners to take whatever preventative steps they can at this stage to reduce the risk of damage to their homes."

Those with greenhouses or conservatories should take any vulnerable plants inside and look to make sure nothing is likely to be blown into the structure.