Start looking for new trees, say experts

Now is the perfect time for people to get their tools from their greenhouses and start planting some new trees.

According to advice offered in the Herald Democrat by the Grayson County Master Gardeners, people should be choosing fruit and nut trees that gardening centres are beginning to get in stock.

They should be placed in a location with plenty of sunlight and good drainage, while some like to be located in close proximity to one another to allow them to germinate.

As soon as any spring flowering shrubs begin to bloom it is the perfect time to prune them, while pots can also be cleaned out and sterilised ready to become home to new plants as the year goes on.

"Check your birdhouses and clean out any remaining nests from last year," the experts continued, while water and seeds should still be put out for the feathered creatures until the weather warms up.

Writing for ABC Action News, Mike Markewinski recently claimed any existing garden trees should be pruned during the winte