Spruce up a lawn by tackling the edges, resource says

Revamping the edges of a lawn is a good way for greenhouse enthusiasts to improve the look of their garden without breaking the bank, it has been suggested.

Laying new turf can be costly and time consuming so addressing the fringes of a garden can make a big and inexpensive difference, the Shropshire Star stated.

It went on to suggest that the best approach to repairing a damaged edge is to cut out a rectangle of turf and incorporating it into the affected grass.

Then, it suggested turning the piece of turf around so the uneven side is in the middle rather than on the edge.

"The gap created by the jagged edge which is now further into the lawn should be filled with garden soil, sifted to a fine tilth. Then firm and level it to make sure it is flush with the surrounding grass," the resource concluded.

Martyn Cox recently wrote in the Daily Mail that planting lilies at this time of year can improve any garden.