Spring greenhouse jobs

Springtime provides horticulturalists with greenhouses the chance to see their plants developing much faster than outside in the garden, but to fully benefit from this there are a few routine tasks that need to be carried out.

According to online resource Greenhouse Growing, watering should increase as temperatures rise and plants should also be fed on a more regular basis.

The site explains that by the middle of March, the majority of seeds can be safely sown in unheated greenhouses and that cuttings can be taken from plants such as chrysanthemums, pelargoniums and fuchsias.

Furthermore, once seedlings grow large enough, they can be picked out and potted.

As April arrives, plants which have been over-wintered should be moved into cold frames or other sheltered spots to allow them to harden for planting at a later date.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that March is the time in the gardening year to begin pruning back any unruly foliage.