Rooflights could be paid for by energy generation

Homeowners looking to improve their property might be interested in a scheme currently being considered by the government.

Westminster is consulting on the feasibility of paying citizens to generate their own power – cash that could be put to use to finance a roof light or new set of folding sliding doors.

It is part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by 34 per cent within the next 11 years.

The technology required to generate green energy might also be made more accessible if the government approves the pay as you save scheme it is considering.

Under the project, the cost of the wind turbine or other power harvesting device would be covered by the subsequent savings made on energy bills.

British Eco Energy managing director Andrew Moore said: "A lot of people would like to [install] renewable in their homes – its just having the funding available to help them do it now."

He called for the ideas to be put into practice – something that could help homeowners afford the conservatory or rooflight they have been hoping for.