RHS spring to do list

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has welcomed the coming of spring by producing a list of things garden and greenhouse owners should be busying themselves with.

It said the rising temperatures make April perfect for gardening, despite the "inevitable" showers.

Those who have been savvy enough to use their greenhouses to pre-grow seedlings should be seeing them almost ready to plant outdoors, while the warmer weather means it may now be possible to plant straight into the ground.

Keeping weeds under control should be one of the main priorities during spring, but there are many other jobs to be getting on with.

While the weather may be getting better, it is important to protect fruit blossom from any late frosts that may sneak up on gardens.

Citrus plants should be given a good feed, while growers should increase the frequency of watering for house and greenhouse plants.

Meanwhile, it is also time to sow new lawns, hardy annuals and herb seeds.

The RHS recently released an iPhone application which gives advice on growing your own food.