Proper planning a positive patio precursor

People thinking of ways to make more use of their green spaces as the weather improves could be tempted to install a patio area in their garden, it has been suggested.

But sector commentator Donny Sheridan notes that there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when planning such a feature.

"You need to decide which area is best for sitting out – taking into account where you get the sunlight at different parts of the day," he explains.

Mr Sheridan also recommends that horticulturalists avoid having large portions of their patio under the shade of trees as this can cause moss, algae and lichen to develop.

He concludes by noting that paved areas need not necessarily be square, stating that they can incorporate a variety of different shapes and designs to suit almost every taste.

The BBC suggests that gardeners can combat bare and drab-looking patios by using foliage such as shrubs and potted herbs.