Olympic veg

The Olympic Games are in full swing, with some of the worlds finest athletes on display and world records been broken left, right and centre.

Although the average gardener would do well to run nearly as fast as Usain Bolt or swim as fast as Michael Phelps, eating a diet rich in fruit and veg is always healthy.

With the Olympics being in Beijing, why not try growing your own oriental vegetables to give your family a piece of genuine Chinese culture?

"Pak choi can be used in salads or stir-fries as a baby leaf [or] used in a variety of Oriental dishes as a cooked vegetable when semi-mature or as fully-grown heads," according to the Royal Horticultural Society website.

It grows best in a sunny position and should be ready to harvest in just 30 days if sowing from a baby leaf.

For best results it should be sown between April and July, but why not give it a go in the greenhouse while the Olympics still have you hungry for Chinese culture?