Moving snowdrops in March is fine

Contrary to popular opinion, greenhouse enthusiasts who move snowdrops around in March will not damage them, an expert has suggested.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Mary Keen said this month is a time when there is very little to fuss over in the garden apart from members of the Galanthus tribe.

Ms Keen went on to say that most horticulturalists say they should not be shifted until June, when the bulbs are dormant.

However, she explained: "This is not practical for most of us. In June there is not an inch of bare earth and, even if I put labels on sticks to mark the snowdrops, I would do untold damage by stepping into beds where herbaceous plants and roses are on the rampage."

In a recent article in the same publication, David Hurrion said pruning plants in March is a vital procedure for greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts to ensure they are "committed to producing new shoots".