Mother’s Vegetable Patch Turned into WW1 Trench

A twelve year old schoolboy took a history project so seriously, that he ended up digging a replica 4ft trench – in his mother’s vegetable patch.

Imaginative Oliver Batchelor, of Worthing, West Sussex spent a week digging his trench in a bid to recreate the famous battlefields of the Great War. He then went onto re-enact battle scenes with his two sisters.

His mother, Saskia, was surprisingly less perturbed than many would have been;

“I think recreating a trench is a great way for him to learn about history practically. I’m sure we’ll fill the trench back at some point and I’ll get my vegetable patch back next year!”

Father, Wayne, is a collector of WW1 memorabilia and used to be a member of the Great War Society and actively encouraged his son;

“Oliver has been studying WW1 at school and is fascinated by history – It’s a great educational experience for him.”

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