Monty Don Loves Greenhouses

A proud owner of 3 greenhouses and a man after our own heart, Monty Don, celebrity horticulturalist extraordinaire, has this week been speaking about his love of greenhouses.

He believes that for most people, a greenhouse has two primary purposes – the first, is a protected place to raise plants and seedlings;

“This transforms the whole propagating and growing process and means, above all, that you can produce hundreds of new plants for a fraction of the cost of buying them. This also means that the cost of the greenhouse is soon recouped.”

The second primary purpose of the a greenhouse is to raise fruit and plants that would normally struggle to grow exposed to the elements;

“The most obvious examples … such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, chillies and basil. Without a greenhouse these are all but impossible in some parts of the country and never like as good as when grown under glass.”

Mr Don explains that whilst polytunnels a cheap and popular alternative, they are intrinsically less productive and effective than a good greenhouse;

“Horticulturally they are very difficult and have a lot of problems with light levels, ventilation and condensation.”

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