Liverpool captains glazed gym

Premiership footballer Steven Gerrard has decided to build his own glazed gymnasium in his back garden in Formby.

The England and Liverpool player, 28, was granted planning permission in October and work is well underway on the two storey building.

The glass structure will contain a gym, sauna, plunge pool and solarium and will be connected to the existing pool house building by a glazed walkway.

While Mr Gerrards gym may be the envy of neighbour and England team mate Wayne Rooney, some other neighbours do feel the structure is a little excessive.

Despite his millions, it seems the Liverpool captain doesnt have an eye for architecture though.

Neighbour Cecil Crosslety lives opposite the gym and said: "I cannot begin to understand why anyone would want to build an eyesore like this in their back garden."

Perhaps Mr Crosslety would have been happier if the midfielder had opted for a custom glazed extension, designed to fit in with his £2 million home.