Keeping your greenhouse plants at their best

When growing a selection of plants in your greenhouse, you will need to provide just the right amount of care and attention to keep them at their best. Recognising what your plants need will enable you to provide them with everything they need in order to thrive. Keeping your plants at their best will not only improve the look of your greenhouse and garden but also enable you to enjoy the benefits of growing good quality plants.

If your greenhouse does not provide enough heat and light for your plants, then you may wish to consider adding extra heating and lighting. Avoid growing plants that have different requirements in the same greenhouse, as extra heating and lighting may not suit some types of plants.

You will need to make sure that you have plenty of equipment to support your plants, such as canes or string. Fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes need plenty of support if they grow well and some types may need extra support to help them keep their shape. Researching the types of plants you are planning to grow will enable you to gain knowledge on how to properly care for them.

Installing plenty of ventilation in your greenhouse will help to keep your plants at their best. Greenhouse staging is now available with slatted surfaces, which help to provide plenty of air circulation for your plants. Providing your plants with plenty of ventilation will help to reduce the risk of plant disease. It is also important that you remove any dead plants and keep the area clean in order to improve the atmosphere of your greenhouse.

Removing any pests will also help to keep your plants healthy. However, be sure to opt for organic methods of pest removal rather than opting for insect repellents as these contain chemicals that may damage your plants. A simple blast of water of sticky traps will help to remove any pests and keep your greenhouse healthy.

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