Keep compost relatively dry for best results, expert says

Organic matter that is too moist can sometimes perform poorly when distributed in an outside space so introducing dry ingredients is vital, horticultural specialist Graham Porter explained in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

“Try adding shredded newspaper, cardboard egg boxes, vacuum cleaner contents, used tissues and other dry organic materials and you might also consider turning the contents out and back again to add some air to the compost,” he said.

Mr Porter went on to point out that grass clippings can often be very wet and they must always be accompanied by something dry to soak up the moisture.

A compost heap with too much fluid can also attract mushroom flies, he added.

However, while it is important to keep compost relatively dry, young plants need plenty of water at this time of year especially when the temperature starts to rise, head of research for Which? Gardening Richard Gianfrancesco advised recently