January garden jobs

It may still be cold, wet and windy but there are always jobs to do in the garden.  In fact, these weather conditions create jobs, as the plants and materials need protecting and maintaining.

The RHS give ten key jobs to be done this month – make sure you’re up to date by taking a look at  http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/calendar/January.

In addition, if you’ve been ordering from your seed and plant catalogues and have newly arrived roses, you can heel them in to containers to protect from frosts until planting out once you are sure that frosts have gone.

If you find any frozen plants in containers, it will be too late to bubble wrap them.  Instead, move them to your greenhouse if there’s room, into the garage or shed or a sheltered spot near the house.

If it really is too cold or wet to venture outdoors, there are always indoor gardening jobs to do.  If you find small flies living in your houseplants, address the issue now before they multiply in the warmer weather.  Buy a bug killer product and water it in to kill those living in the compost.

Author: Robert Smith

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