Invest in garden picnic accessories, expert suggests

Gardening enthusiasts eager to make the most of their green space could use their garden as an alfresco dining room, it has been suggested.

Sector commentator Kate Watson-Smyth makes her assertions in the online pages of the Independent, stating that there is "nothing nicer" than eating out in the open air when the weather is fine.

"We Britons are gradually waking up to the fact that life can be lived outside during the summer and there is a huge range of accessories out there that are perfect for alfresco dining," she states.

Ms Watson-Smyth suggests that horticulturalists may be tempted by gazebos, sunshades and fairy lights in order to create some ambience in the garden, while noting that a wide variety of different plates and glasses suitable for outdoor use are available.

People storing such accessories in their sheds were recently advised by price comparison site to ensure they have adequate levels of home insurance in place.