Homeowners urged to cut out the draughts

Homeowners considering building a conservatory should think about paying a little extra to ensure it is of a good standard, according to advice from price comparison site moneysupermarket.com.

A quality conservatory will help retain the heat and eliminate draughts – an important aspect to consider in todays world of Energy Performance Certificates.

Moneysupermarket utilities manager Scott Byrom explained that, while the recent energy price cut from British Gas was good news, it is still important to make the home as energy-efficient as possible.

"Watch out for draughts around doors (keyholes, letter boxes, gaps in doors and windows). Heat escaping your home is money wasted," he said.

"Double-glazing is pricey to install but will make a difference to bills over time. Heat-loss through windows is cut by a whopping 50 per cent – saving around £100 a year on bills."

Conservatories act in the same way and cutting down on heat-loss should slash heating bills and boost the enjoyment of a glazed extension.

Conservatories can act as great settings for a romantic evening meal – something worth bearing in mind with St Valentines Day approaching.