Growing Roses

Roses are one of the most attractive plants for the garden and there are many types to choose from. Growing a selection of roses will enable you to brighten up your garden and with the right amount of care and attention, you can ensure that your roses remain healthy. Roses can be obtained from your local garden centre or from specialist rose breeders.

Roses require plenty of sunlight, air and shelter in order to grow successfully, so consider this when it comes to planting them. Whilst your roses will need some shelter, you may wish to avoid planting them under trees, as this will reduce the amount of sunlight that they have access to. Choose a spacious area and use fresh soil or compost if you are planning to plant them in an area where you have grown roses previously.

Roses prefer deep, neutral soil, so ensure that the conditions of your soil are suitable when it comes to planting them. If your soil is highly acidic, then use lime to neutralise it. This will need to be done well in advance of planting the roses. Ensure that your soil is rich in organic matter, as this will help your roses to receive the nutrients they need in order to grow successfully.

Choosing roses that are suited to your garden will improve your chances of growing them without any problems. If your garden is susceptible to diseases, then only select roses that are resistant to disease. Select roses that are suited to your area’s climate as this will provide them with the right conditions to help them thrive.
Ensure that your roses are fed and watered. Water them deeply and lightly rub some rose plant food into the soil. It is recommended that roses are fed twice a year, once in the flower bud stage and then when the second buds appear. Opt for organic rose food to keep them healthy.
Your roses will need to be pruned to help them flower.
This is usually done in late autumn for tall rose bushes. Any dead leaves, debris or branches will need to be removed to reduce the risk of disease and to keep your roses looking tidy.
Whilst garden pests will not be a huge threat to your roses, you may still wish to take action to keep them at bay. Pest sprays will help, but ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals. Sick to pesticides and fungicides that will solve any problems with disease or pests without them damaging your roses.

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