Grow your own under glass, Brits told

UK citizens have been told there are numerous benefits to growing your own food and that doing so does not necessarily require a lot of space.

In fact, the National Trust recently launched a scheme to coax those without a garden or greenhouse into making use of their windowsills.

The body estimates there are around 600 acres of unused space next to Britains glazing and said it could be used to grow fruit and herbs.

Commenting, Grow Your Own magazine editor Lucy Halsall said the pastime had become more popular in recent years.

She said its benefits can be physical, financial and social.

"Its quite a community activity as well – obviously not so much on the balcony – but allotments are ideal places to meet local people with a similar interest," she explained.

There were 4,300 people on waiting lists for a plot in 2006, according to a study by the Greater London Assembly.