Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouse growing is nothing but growing plants, both vegetable plants and flowers in a space dedicated in the garden within a shelter that is made from glass or PVC.
People have been growing under glass for centuries. In ancient Roman times, it was documented that the Emperor Tiberius was amongst the first to recognise the benefits of growing plants in a greenhouse. A greenhouse enables you to protect your plants from extreme temperatures; it helps in both extreme cold and extreme hot conditions. In a greenhouse it is possible to stabilise the optimum temperature suitable for growing plants. As a consequence tender plants that are usually sensitive to climatic changes can be grown, with a little heating, throughout the year. As well as providing a favourable temperature for growing a greenhouse provides protection from both high winds and pests.

Gardens that contain a greenhouse can be host to a range of plants that it would not ordinarily be possible to grow. Greenhouses offer your plants that extra protection and warmth that is required during the cooler months of the year. If you own a greenhouse you do not have to spend winter in anxiety. Harsh winters and snow blasts can be really harmful for your plants, they need to be protected during winter months, and your greenhouse will give that protection.

The first step towards greenhouse growing should be to look for the right place to install the greenhouse. Ideally your greenhouse should get ample sunshine to reduce heating costs during the winter months. It should also be installed away from old trees to avoid damage from falling branches. As greenhouses are most often glass structures,extra care should taken when assembling and if you can afford it, you are advised to choose a greenhouse with toughened safety glass. Successful greenhouse growing requires plenty of light. Your greenhouse should get at least a couple of hours of sunlight everyday.

If you are planning to buy a greenhouse, the best time of the year to get this in place is for the Spring. By starting early you can ensure your plants get a head start and you will see that your plants will soon be flowering and yielding by summer. If you happen to have fierce sunshine then you should consider greenhouse shading or move your plants from the greenhouse to a cold frame.

Setting up a greenhouse can be an expensive affair and if you are not careful in selecting the right company to purchase your greenhouse, you will be wasting your money. Building greenhouses requires great experience. A good start is to decide whether you want a cedar or aluminium greenhouse. It doesn't take long to fill a greenhouse with plants so you should always go for the largest greenhouse that you can fit in. Select only highly reputed companies from which to buy your greenhouses. One of the most trusted names in the industry for greenhouses is Gabriel Ash. They've been making greenhouses for over 70 years and continue to be a leading greenhouse supplier. Go to their website,, a useful resource for anyone considering buying a greenhouse. You'll see a range of greenhouses and cold frames manufactured from Western Red Cedar and all with the endorsement of The Royal Horticultural Society.

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