Glass insulates and maximises view

Glass is an enormously flexible building material, providing both insulation and maximum views of the surrounding environment.

Ayr native Jean Elvidge has utilised the material in her new home on the bank of the River Tay, incorporating tall, single-sheet windows in a house inspired by the maritime traditions of the region.

Although the main aim of the project was to create a contemporary house by maximising light and space, the use of the glass has also proved inspired given its energy-efficient properties.

Architect Heinz Voigt told Caroline Ednie at "The glass is the maximum size you can get in one piece. Its also coated to reflect the heat of the summer outwards and keep the heat in, in the winter."

The house also features an innovative ventilation system and underfloor heating.

The glass acts as an excellent insulator and will ensure energy efficiency when the winter months draw in, contributing to a general reduction in utility bills.

Throughout the summer months the floor-to-ceiling windows act as a giant sky light and offer stunning views out across the Tay.