Glass artists arrive in city of culture to research glazed sculpture

Following last months commission, glass artists Jeffrey Sarmiento and Inge Panneels have visited Liverpool to conduct research and tour the future site of their artwork.

The pair will create a glass map of the city that will represent where the local community think Liverpools landmarks and boundaries lie.

The commission is a good example of the power of glass as an artistic textile.

It can be used in building work to add strength and style to a property and this latest commission raises the materials profile further still.

Sarmiento and Panneels were given a tour of the still-to-be-completed Liverpool Museum where their design will be housed.

Museum of Liverpool exhibition curator Georgina Young seemed excited by the prospect of the sculpture being completed.

"Inge Panneels and Jeffrey Sarmientos glass sculpture will be a stunning landmark in the new Museum of Liverpool when it opens," she told the Liverpool Daily Post.

The design will be formed of multiple layers of glass, with each sheet printed with different imagery.

This will give the effect of revealing more images as the sculpture is viewed from different angles.