Gardens worth over GBP 9,000

New research has suggested that Brits are willing to pay over GBP 9,000 to have a garden.

The study, commissioned by Yorkshire Bank, showed that in a time of increasing travel and food prices, a garden in which to spend sunny afternoons or grow your own food is a valuable commodity.

It suggests that many Brits are investing in their gardens to add value to their properties, while enjoying the quality of life they bring.

Nine out of ten of those with gardens use it at least once per week while 41 per cent use it every single day.

Gary Lumby, Yorkshire Banks head of retail, said: "As the housing market continues to slowdown, many are looking at ways of adding value to their homes.

"Our research shows that gardens are highly prized and with so many willing to pay a premium for outdoor space, investing in your current garden could see the value of your house grow."

One potential way of investing is to install a greenhouse, which will provide an excellent tool for cultivating the garden.