Gardening to fight obesity

The government is determined to encourage more adults to get the exercise they need to stay healthy and in shape.

While it intends to focus on things like free swimming lessons and harnessing the nations love for Strictly Come Dancing, a focus on encouraging Brits to get out into their gardens and greenhouses could also be a good idea.

The average adult should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes exercise, five times per week and while people may not find the time or the money to head to the gym that often, getting out into the garden is a quick and easy way to clock up the exercise time.

Public health minister Dawn Primarolo explained that exercise was essential at the Local Government Association conference.

"Physical activity is the key to stopping this country becoming the obesity capital of the world – and it makes us feel better," she said. "People of all ages can gain from doing more exercise."

Worryingly, 14 million adults in the UK exercise less than 30 minutes per week – something that could easily be rectified by spending some time weeding the garden or planting a vegetable plot.