Gardening tips for spring

Garden and greenhouse fans have been given some spring growing tips, which should be put into action as soon as the climate allows.

According to the Bellvue Reporter, soil is only ready for planting when it crumbles in your hands and those whose earth "mushes into a ball" should wait until it dries out a little.

However, just because the earth outside is not ready, it doesnt mean that garden enthusiasts cant be hard at work.

The newspaper advised growers to make use of their greenhouses or windowsills to start seeds off indoors.

This, it claims, will give the plants a 30 to 60-day headstart on the growing season and can be done by making use of something as simple as egg cartons or other kitchen containers that would otherwise go to waste.

Meanwhile, growers who want their lawn looking tip-top should dig a five-inch square plug and take it to their garden centre for analysis.

Experts should be able to advise what is needed to get the best out of the grass throughout the summer and the removed turf can always be replaced afterwards.

In other news, the Greene County Daily Mail has educated vegetable growers on the reason the Irish potato is so named.