Gardening cited in new keep fit guidelines

Chief medical officers across the UK have today (July 11th) launched a new set of guidelines to help the population get the right amount of exercise each week.

While team sports such as basketball and volleyball were highlighted as being ideal physical pastimes for youngsters, “taking regular breaks around the garden” was outlined as a more suitable form of activity for those over the age of 65.

For somebody in this age group, 150 minutes of exercise should be done each week and spending 30 minutes, five-times a week sorting out greenhouses or gardens is a great way of meeting this target.

Gardening does appear to be growing in popularity, as a recent HSBC study revealed that green-fingered Britons spend £7.7 billion each year on keeping their outdoor areas neat and tidy.

The research showed the average person shells out £297 on gardening every 12 months