Gardeners given tips on where to start this spring

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts around the country are likely to be preparing for a busy spring and summer.

Some may be wondering where to start, but the Mail Tribune has come to their rescue with a to-do list that should help give them some direction.

In terms of vegetable planting, the newspaper explained that a number of foods can be planted directly into the soil.

Spinach, kale, radishes, peas, lettuce and Swiss chard can all be seeded into the earth, with stocks replenished every couple of weeks to keep up a continuous supply.

Meanwhile, those who have rooted cuttings of perennials should take them outside now, while established berries should be given "a good layer of composted steer manure" or fertiliser.

A bulb-booster fertiliser on spring bulbs will help improve the blooming season next year if applied once they have come into flower.

Another important task is giving the watering system a once over, as well as examining plants regularly for signs of infestation.

Meanwhile, the Times Herald has revealed that Cowetas Master Gardeners group is selling its saplings and seeds at an event this weekend.