Garden enthusiasts life inspires film

The life-afirming story of a garden and greenhouse enthusiast has been made into a film.

Paul Pulford was the son of a London prostitute and five years ago was sleeping rough and addicted to heroin, the Guardian reported.

However, the man known as Scruffy has reportedly managed to turn his life around and positively affect the lives of others through his love of creating horticultural displays.

The 50-year-old holds classes for drug addicts, teaching them growing skills and giving them projects to complete, such as building flowerbeds in inner city schools and on waste ground, the newspaper revealed.

Weed it and Weep is to be shown at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, where Mr Pulford conducts many of his classes.

According to the newspaper, the film examines the life of a man who learned his horticultural skills from the family that adopted him, before travelling to India, where he lived in a cave and became addicted to heroin after eating opium.

Meanwhile, the Sun recently revealed that the Gardeners World Christmas special is to be scrapped in favour of a six-part series fronted by Alys Fowler.