Garden and greenhouse iPhone applications

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts can get a little help by using their iPhone to download horticulture-based applications. recently created a list of what it believes to be the handiest tools available for tech-savvy growers.

It recommended iGarden USA – Garden Helper as a great application for those who grow their own food.

It helps plan activities by offering advice based on the grower’s climate and chosen vegetables, as well as tips on how to plant seeds for maximum effect.

Gardening News and Updates is another useful tool that helps horticulture fans stay on top of what is happening in the industry.

It aggregates articles and updates from a variety of sources to offer growers a one-stop shop for getting their green info.

As well as the pre-loaded blogs, users can add their own favourites to the application and, at just 99 cents, it will not break the bank.

Meanwhile, the Times Standard advised horticulturalists to keep their garden hydrated over the next few weeks, but to make sure they do it efficiently.