Garden advice for springtime

With March just around the corner, master gardener Carol Link prepares for spring to be sprung in the garden.

She tells the Gadsen Times that a great deal of work must be undertaken before the arrival of the milder months, explaining that water features are often littered with debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Ms Link adds that twigs and fallen tree limbs are often scattered around as a result of inclement weather over the colder period of the year and need to be cleared away.

She states that she is preparing to purchase a range of newly-sprouted plants to adorn her garden throughout spring, including cherry blossom, forsythia bells and daffodils.

Ms Link concludes by recommending that consumers purchase appropriate fertiliser for spring plants, to ensure that they are able to grow to the best of their ability, noting that as a rule a pH of 6.5 is best for most flora.

The BBC recommends that when planting spring bulbs, gardeners should place them two to three times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart.