Free advice for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

Horticulture lovers in Northumberland are to benefit from complimentary garden and greenhouse advice from a top UK expert.

BBC gardener of the year Bob Tridgett will be attendance at a local retail outlet on Tuesday (April 20th), according to the Morpeth Herald.

The expert will present a free surgery at the Heighley Gate Nursery and Garden Centre, offering hints on all aspects of growing.

General manager Roger Wale told the newspaper that it is a great opportunity for locals to get their questions answered.

"People may want suggestions on what to plant where, or what plants go together, and Bob will be happy to suggest what he thinks would work best for their garden," he explained.

Furthermore, the garden centre is planning to show customers visiting this weekend just what can be achieved with a vegetable plot.

It is set to showcase a display model as an example of what can be grown in the UK in the hope of promoting food growing in Britain.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society has revealed that not even the coldest winter in recent history was enough to dampen the spirits of the countrys growers, who turned out in numbers to its recent Daffodil Show.