Flourishing Irish designers love of glass explored

Award-winning Irish designer Danielle MacInnes makes extensive use of glass in her own innovative property, it has been reported.

Writing in online resource Independent.ie, industry commentator Jacqueline Kavanagh notes that Ms MacInnes – who has been invited to join the Interiors Association of Ireland – used glazed features to make her home into a "testament to individuality".

Ms Kavanagh notes that the Interior Design Award Newcomer winner does not feel constrained by the traditional parameters of design has created her own self-styled glass-sided staircase.

"People think because its a period house you have to go with traditional stuff, but contemporary design works really well in a period house," Ms MacInnes tells the resource.

As a testament to this notion and in order to create an additional sense of space, she also created a kitchen extension with a glass rear wall, extending the property from its original 73 sq m to 125 sq m.

Meanwhile, an article on web resource 999Today recently identified the kitchen as the best part of the home in which to invest cash.