Flood alert protect your home and garden

It’s official – the UK is absolutely sodden, the rivers are constantly near to bursting their banks and we’re in danger of flooding this winter.

After yet another year where we experienced summer in spring-time, the April to June period was recorded as the wettest on record.  The rainfall we’ve experienced ever since has caused the ground to be so wet in some areas that the Environment Agency has warned that just the average amount of rain for the season could cause flooding.

The media can tend to make it all rather doom and gloom, but we at Gabriel Ash don’t worry about things like this – we prepare for them.  So we can recommend a look at the RHS’s website so that you don’t fall foul of the rain this winter.

The RHS, who endorse a range of Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses, have a page full of sound advice for installing drainage and action plans for waterlogging issues.  See  http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Sustainable-gardening/Gardening-in-a-changing-climate/Advice/Water—the-way-ahead.

Fortunately, Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses have an aluminium plinth to stop the cedar frame from being in contact with the base or wall.  Western Red Cedar is known for its enduring performance and so you will simply need to wipe the wood dry, once any rain water has drained away.

Author: Robert Smith