Expert offers greenhouse tomato watering tips

Gardeners with tomato plants in their greenhouse should refrain from giving their plants too much water at once, it has been revealed.

According to Alex Mitchell, sudden bursts of watering can lead to fruits splitting – something which should be avoided if at all possible.

Writing in the Telegraph, Ms Mitchell advises that tomato plants should be watered little and often, and with a high-potassium feed once a week.

This high-potassium feed could be a seaweed variant, which is particularly beneficial to tomato plants due to its high auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and alginic acid content.

Greenhouse tomato growers worried about the failure of their tomatoes to ripen after the latest bout of gloomy weather will be encouraged to hear that forecasters predict some sunnier spells towards the end of the week.

The temperature is set to stay in the low twenties until Friday and soar to 25C on Saturday.